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With our 3D animations you can see inside objects, view them in action and understand their benefits. Everything can be made visible. Any movement is possible, any perspective can be implemented to illustrate product features.
We show your ideas and innovations - even if they don't exist yet. Using CAD data or drawings, we create photorealistic images and present the future. Faster, more flexible and often more cost-efficient than photography.
With our virtual showrooms, you can also present your products to customers remotely. Invite your customers to freely configurable premises and hold presentations directly via live chat.
Rotate, move and split 3D objects interactively. Selectable hotspots provide additional text information, detailed graphics or movies. This allows you to explain complex topics and functions in a targeted and intuitive way.
Your products displayed in a virtual world. With virtual reality goggles, you immerse yourself and are not just a bystander. Navigate through complex machine lines and see your plant life-size in front of you before it was actually manufactured.
With our augmented reality solutions, products of all sizes can be realistically brought into a room - before they even exist in reality. View details and functions on the fly.

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The latest episode of the Virgin Lands TECH news explains the advantages and benefits of virtual showrooms based on already completed projects and highlights the various benefits and possible applications.
For the 2022 BAUMA we visualized various crane models for Liebherr factories Biberach and Ehingen. Through 3D animations we were able to show the cranesin different operantional situations and explain the trade fair premierfeatures, in detail.
NAF Neunkirchener Achsenfabrik commissioned us toproduce a application animation of their Starr Axles for the 2022 BAUMA. 3D Animation is used as a tool to illustrate thefunction of the axels in construction vehicles.

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We offer internships throughout the year.
The duration of the internship varies from 3-6 months.

You are very interested in 3D modeling, texturing, concept art, 2D graphics creation or 3D animation. You already have a basic knowledge of the programs Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk Maya, 3DS Max or ZBrush. Its a plus of course if you have already started studying graphic design / games / animation (film) or communication design.

You can expect an exciting, creative working environment in the games and industry sector. You will work in a team-oriented, dynamic company with flat hierarchies. You can quickly and steadily expand your expertise through cross-functional project work. We allow you to work independently and on your own responsibility while we pay attention to a good work-life balance.

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